Our History

Dorset Malayalee Association (DMA) which proudly bonds together more than a hundred malayalee families in England today, was the successful culmination of the sincere attempt by a handful of Keralites who moved to the fascinating southern county of Dorset in the United Kingdom in 2002, to bring Dorset’s neighbourhood malayalees together. As the true ambassador of Kerala’s culture and tradition, every malayalee who has moved overseas to pastures new has a duty to promote and protect the perennial values of our motherland, and the Dorset Malayalee Association leaves no stones unturned in its passionate pursuit of that goal.

While striving to highlight the rich heritage of Kerala, which is rightly known as God’s own country to the rest of the world, an organisation of this kind has the added obligation to encourage the smooth and seamless integration of our community with the wider British society too. This non-profit, non-religious and non-political organisation of malayalees has rose up to that task with determination, and its ever changing team of members who guide and lead the movement happily share the responsibility to make the membership of DMA a great feeling, and its periodical assemblies and activities a great experience, glowing against the backdrop of the ravishingly scenic Dorset county on the world heritage Jurassic coast. Yeah, DMA is the place to be !!